About Me

I am a Canadian-born gal that was raised with 3 amazing sisters, by 2 incredible parents. From a very young age I started writing in journals and diaries. I would write about my experiences growing up and I would also write tons of stories. Fast forward my Harry-Potter-Glasses-Stage, my Slicked-Back-Hair-Stage, my Trying-To-Keep-Overalls-Cool-Stage and many other awkward stages landed me at University.

In University I began to discover, and further develop, my passion for writing. I graduated with a degree in Media Studies with a Minor in Writing. After graduation, I moved home in search of a job and found it at Ottawa Magazine. Being hired at a magazine with a media studies and writing degree right out of school was a dream come true! I learnt a lot about magazines and publishing, and continued to learn about my individual strengths, as well as my strengths in a group setting.

Fast forward again, through a proposal and a year of wedding planning, a wedding and then a move to an apartment in Durham, North Carolina. As my husband pursues his PhD at Duke University, I find myself pursuing my own dream of being a freelancer.

I am completely blessed for all I have – and if you have read this far then good job! That wasn’t the most concise bio. There are so many more things I could share. I love meeting new people and slowly getting to know a new city. If you have any questions, suggestions for events/restaurants that a new couple to the city might enjoy –  or would like to chat about business – I would love to hear from you!



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