The Beauty of Scheduling Posts


It is strange to think that there was once a time in our lives where technology was not as prevalent as it is now. It has become this ubiquitous thing that follows us everywhere – to bed, out to dinner, on vacation. It is this constant, nagging need to update and to stay updated.

As a freelancer and a blogger this is especially difficult to pace yourself on projects, posts and updating your own blog. One thing that has changed my life is scheduling posts – and even emails.

Yesterday I read this article on a great website/blog called Make a Living Writing. If you have never heard of it, or haven’t checked it out, I would highly recommend it. If you have, you will know that there are great articles on Carol’s site. The article was surrounding the idea of being more productive by focusing on one client’s blog posts per day.

This is definitely something that I am going to try. I can just imagine the sense of relief after focusing on one client and finishing a month’s worth of writing in one day. I think that without all of the jumping around from client-to-client, from a variety of “voices” and content would help my workflow and make me much more efficient.

The ability to schedule posts  is an extremely helpful tool if you find you like writing more than one post per day. Recently I began writing a week’s worth of posts on Sunday. Then I can schedule the pre-written posts to upload on the particular days and times that I choose. This means that during the week I can focus on other projects and writing with the comfort that what I’ve written will be posted at the right time.


Another helpful thing is scheduling emails. I am a strong believer that you should not answer business emails outside of business hours – especially as a freelancer. Those lines are blurry enough as is, and I don’t want it to seem like I am always available. It just so happens that sometimes the only time I can answer emails is late at night before bed, this is why I love the ability to hit SEND LATER (I use a Gmail plugin called Boomerang) and have the email go out at 9:15AM the next business day.

This gives me the ability to  return emails in a timely manner, but also allows me to focus on writing when I am productive (first thing in the morning) without neglecting emails if I don’t get to them between 9-5. As much as it happens, you don’t want to be the person in someone’s inbox coming in at 3:27AM. If this is a tool that you think you would find useful, I would definitely suggest that you check it out.

Until next time!



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