The Monday Blues


So it is Monday again, a day that I am especially thankful to be a freelancer. While most people are begrudgingly sitting at their desks dreaming about Friday already, I am at mine quite happy. The fact that I am in sweatpants and slippers is a non-issue. The only rain cloud hovering over my almost-perfect day is the consistent worry that I can be doing more, or that I am not making enough. In my last post I discussed one of the challenges for freelancers (especially me with my personality type). And I know another big one is worrying about money.

It doesn’t help that over the weekend my husband and I had to get new tires. Why do people leave nails on the road?! Our car is a 2001 model, so our spare (a tire from 2000) is not drivable and needed to be replaced anyway. On top of that, our car is all wheel drive, so we had to replace all four tires or we would blow our transmission. Goodbye $500 of hard-earned money. Granted, my husband and I are lucky. We are what is called DINKs (Dual Income No Kids), but barely. With my husband in grad school with a stipend  it falls on me to make enough to cover the miscellaneous and unplanned expenses such as tires, dentist or the doctor.

So as I am sitting at my desk on a Monday working away knowing I will probably only make $100 today, I start to get frustrated and have a should I give it all up and go back to a cubicle debate. When I am having one of these dilemmas I immediately go to all of those great freelancing resources that I love.

Freelance Switch

Be a Freelance Blogger (I am a newbie, I just recently stumbled upon Sophie Lizard, but I like it so far)

–  Make a Living Writing (Carol Tice is great)

Alexis Grant

and more.

I re-read articles I have already read, or find new ones for inspiration. I love how supportive the freelance community is and reading about other people’s successes makes me hopeful that my day will come and down the road I will be able to help people like me.



2 thoughts on “The Monday Blues

    • Of course! I love your blog and I find your tools and resources super helpful as a newbie. Thanks for coming to say hi!

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