Just do Something: A Freelance Challenge


Nike had it right when they used the slogan “Just Do It.” My personality type (ENTP for anyone familiar with the Myers-Briggs test. As with all personality types, this is a mix of very positive things, and also things to be aware of in my personal and professional life that I need to work on.

With my personality type it is very common not to choose one direct, specific path or option because I don’t like closing doors. I can’t choose one specialty because I want to do it all. You know that phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none” – I definitely don’t want that to be me.

In regards to my freelance career, I am having a really difficult time narrowing down my niche. This has prevented me from getting this website and blog up, from creating a business Facebook page, Google+ account – anything! I am just sitting around thinking and that is not getting anything done!

I currently market myself as a freelance writer and social media strategist for small businesses. I have a number of awesome clients that I love. As I try to expand my repertoire, projects and clients I realized that I just have to “do it.” There is nothing wrong with doing what I am good at now, and stumbling upon something that I like more later.

For now, I just want to continue working, growing and building my experiences and my portfolio. I try not to think about closing doors, because I am not, but instead just do what I love and grow into my career.

I consider myself extremely lucky to already have gained the experience and clients in my freelance career and I am excited for what is to come!



2 thoughts on “Just do Something: A Freelance Challenge

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